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Less and less workforce, faster completion times (tighter  deadlines), growing  building adaptability expectations (change in function) – these are the challenges of the modern construction industry. Hydral Modular is ready to face those challenges with its timeless 21st century modular solutions.



Companies of the Hydral Capital Group represent a wide scope of activities and operations. They complement one another and cooperate closely to achieve the best possible results. The Hydral Capital Group comprises smaller companies such as Hydral Development, Hydral Engineering, Apartamenty Centrum Hydral, Hydral Design, Hydral Energia, Hydral Finanse, Hydral Modular, Hydral Glass and More, Dolnośląskie Składy Budowlane Hydral, Hydral Bed Rent and many more. Hydral Modular already owns one production plant, located in Wrocław. The second one is under construction in Wrocław County.