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A small office building or maybe a large hotel

Thanks to our comprehensive suspicion and modular technology you get:

• The possibility to build, extend, create superstructures and renovate existing buildings, i.e. it is possible to execute a completely new, fully developed project or to execute a design adaptation to adapt a building to the modular construction technology.

• One Partner for design, production, assembly and equipment.

• The possibility to execute an investment as a turnkey project, adjusted to requirements of a Partner.

Offices Buildings / Hotels

• A cubature building with sleeping rooms

• Modules about 20 meters or larger rooms

• Common areas and rooms finished “turnkey”

Multi-family buildings

• Cubature building with flats

• Any layouts of apartments and common areas

• The facade was designed with an investor and architects

Hospitals / Clinics / Sanatorium

• Medical cubature building

• Any room and office layouts

•  Possibility of expansion with further modules in the future

Schools / Universities / Preschools

• Educational capacity building

• Any room and conference / lecture hall layouts

• Possibility of expansion with further modules in the future

Public Offices / Facilities

• Public building with the possibility of expansion

• Any cabinet layouts and floors

• Adaptation to support the disabled

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