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100 or 1000 modules? Everything in one place

HYDRAL MODULAR – One Partner for design, production, assembly and equipment.

The possibility to build, extend, create superstructures and renovate existing buildings, i.e. it is possible to execute a completely new, fully developed project or to execute a design adaptation to adapt a building to the modular construction technology.

Learn the process and see how convenient it is


Hydral Modular modules are a steel frame construction, created off-site (not at a building site), i.e. in the production plant. During the process of production the modules are being fully equipped (walls, floors, ceilings, etc.), including all the necessary installations, which have to be simply connected to the properly prepared connections once the modules are transported to the building site.


Hydral Modular modules have been prepared for adaptability – they can be either used to design and build a single external elevation or a whole modular building. All the components – including glazing and doors – are compliant with all the current and future building, fire protection, environmental and energy standards.


Each idea for a cubature construction can be executed with the modular technology. Our designers from HYDRAL DESIGN will always advise customers and subsequently design prefabricated elements of a building.


The whole building can feature only one, standardized room design and equipment  – it can be copied
and multiplied in relation to the size of a building, or every room can be arranged and planned individually.



Shorter by even 50%, in comparison to the traditional technology. This means earlier use of a building and a quicker return of investment. Simultaneous and twin-track approach, i.e. the production of modules can happen regardless of the process of obtaining permits and the process of setting out foundations at a building site.


Transport and assembly throughout Europe

HYDRAL MODULAR offers a product created with the “Design and build” turnkey system, constructed fully as a HYDRAL Group project. The whole prefabrication process takes place in the production plants owned by the Group. It can be subsequently transported to any place in or outside Europe and assembled at an investment site by a team of highly qualified specialists.